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Our youth workshops are divided into two groups: children (ages 6-12) and teen (ages 13-18). Preteens can choose to attend either of the two workshops, depending where they feel most at ease.

We are proud to be one of Canada’s first etiquette workshops for children: making manners fun! 

What do we do and how can manners be fun…read on!

Building on the principles of manners on the outside; confidence on the inside, our workshops promise to give your children a new appreciation for etiquette, respectful behaviour and making a positive and lasting impression. In our whole scope of enrichment, etiquette skills are the one thing that we can offer our children that's not all that common and integral to their social success. How children present themselves to the world - with confidence, character, class and charisma, is an invaluable asset. The earlier that you start teaching good manners, the more ingrained these habits becomes in their daily life.

Providing children with the social skills necessary to secure a successful future!

Dining Etiquette for Children

Social Skills for Children

Social Graces for Children

Leadership Skills


  • Family Manners

  • My Body and Me

  • Friendship Manners

  • Confident Communicators

  • Social Media Etiquette

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