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Children's Dining Etiquette


  • Introduction to etiquette

  • The history of table manners shared in fun stories

  • Coming to the table ready!

  • The art of the table: setting and navigating the table

  • Napkins: proper usage 

  • Silverware: holding and using correctly

  • Silverware: resting and finished positions

  • Posture, patience and not being a 'picky' eater

  • Table manners overview

  • Soup, bread  and other tricky foods

  • Why the dinner table is not your TikTok stage


  • Instill age-appropriate manners through practical training

  • Gain new knowledge and understanding of table manners through stories, games and hands-on activities

  • Boost awareness and appreciation for respect and respectful behaviour

  • Demonstrate a win/win scenario that comes with kindness and consideration of others

  • Build a foundation of timeless and lifelong skills

  • Building confidence and self-esteem

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