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Avignon [a-vee-nyawn] etiquette is a full service etiquette consultancy based in Toronto. Under the direction of founder Susy Fossati, Avignon Etiquette uses a contemporary approach to manners and continues to lead the road to excellence in the industry. All our etiquette classes are taught with the belief that “good manners never go out of style.”

Our mission is to provide people with the professional and social confidence they need to secure a successful future by teaching the timeless rules of etiquette and good manners. 

Developing these skills are an important investment in your self and your future. You will grow to feel at east in any situation with the confidence and polish to shine.



Trained at the English Manner, the U.K.’s leading etiquette and protocol consultancy, Susy brings the delight of etiquette to today’s contemporary youth, adults and businesses.

Under the study of some of Britain’s finest tutors, who have worked alongside several of the world’s largest and most notable private households, corporate and professional clients, Susy learned first-hand the art of good manners, character and charisma. Her background in fine art events led her to embrace a career in etiquette thereby elevating today’s social and professional interactions by embracing the timeless traditions of etiquette.



Susy Fossati



Social skills necessary to secure a successful future

Let us be the entertainment at your next event - pinky's down!

The polish and confidence you need to shine in any situation

The final touch for your special day - time to sparkle!

How to look smarter, work smarter and achieve greater results!

A customized 1:1 program



"Thank you for the wonderful etiquette workshop for Sofia. She really enjoyed it, came home super excited and called it 'awesome'. We had people over for dinner, that same night, and she insisted on setting the table (shocked!). We all had our elbows on the table and she corrected us. My guests and ourselves included, were very impressed!"

Rose L.

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Avignon Etiquette is located in Toronto, Ontario

Telephone: (416) 827-1501

Email: avignonetiquette@gmail.com

Instagram: @avignonetiquette

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