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Many parents ask me what they can do to help their children develop and strengthen their social skills and build confidence and charisma (especially in a post-pandemic world!!).

Making Manners Fun is a valuable workbook for teaching children important social skills, enhancing their self-awareness, and building their confidence in social situations. It also helps reinforce family values and provide enjoyable learning opportunities for children to develop good manners, empathy and compassion.

It’s a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers to support children's social and emotional development.

The earlier you start teaching and emphasizing good manners, the more ingrained it becomes in a child's life. It’s all about manners on the outside; character, confidence and charisma on the inside! 

Workbook Takeaways:

1. Promotes Social Skills
2. Enhances Communication Skills
3. Encourages Self-Awareness
4. Teaches Table Manners
5. Builds Empathy and Compassion
6. Reinforces Family Values
7. Enhances Self-Confidence
8. Provides Fun and Engaging Learning Opportunities

Good manners go a long way in helping children become respectful, likable, confident and considerate members of their communities.



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Making Manners Fun Workbook

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