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My FIRST YouTube Video - Just in Time for the Holidays!

Guys!!! I’m so excited to share my first YouTube video (link below). There are so many things that come naturally to me and that I enjoy – creating beautiful tablescapes, sharing the ins and outs of proper decorum around the table, designing and running fun workshops however…technology is nowhere on this list – ha!

So, you can imagine my excitement when I was approached by Margarita (Margo), Event Designer Oudalovaevents Events, to co-host a fun pre-holiday, etiquette-inspired dining video. Talk about a talented and warm and welcoming event designer. What a win/win experience.

As I walked into her studio, I suddenly felt like a child walking into Santa’s workshop! Only it wasn’t toy trains and dolls and books that surround me but stunning candles, and linens and dinnerware. Who says the magic of Christmas is only for children? In the centre of the studio, decked out in the richest emerald green and gold hues was a dining table set to welcome the most distinguished guests and on this beautiful occasion, I was that lucky guest. Beyond humbled…

As a fine art event planner myself, I can appreciate the beauty that goes into creating magical and memorable spaces. Designs are created and put on display, so as to create an open and inviting, well-thought out experience for the guest. Unfortunately, as Margo and I discussed, often-times, some tables can come across as quite the opposite – elaborate, intimidating and pretentious. This is where good manners and having an understanding of etiquette helps to ease some of this discomfort. Coming to a table with three forks and matching knives, spoons and other silverware is actually the kind way a host looks after their guests by putting out all the elements that they will need to navigate the meal. It was a great, great conversation. We talked about navigating the place setting, how to use a napkin, what to do with your phone, your clutch and so many fun, festive elements.

Good manners are the kind way that we put other people first. It’s about being selfless and not selfish. Manners around the table are about making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed and look after. It’s a beautiful act of generosity and kindness. The perfect holiday sentiment.

I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I had being a part of it!


Oudalova Events Design – Event Design

MotionD Photography – Video & Photo

Tickle me Pretty Inc – Makeup (Margo)

Table Tales TO – Dinnerware

Chair Décor - Chairs

Capture This Films - Video

The Styled Home – Flowers and Decor

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