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Executive Dining Skills


This course is perfect for professionals who find themselves entertaining clients, hosting events, or simply wishing to elevate their confidence around the dinner table. From the height of formality to the simplest of meals, we cover the basics with ease and simplicity. 

​90 Minutes

  • Arrival and set-up

  • The menu: placement, unfamiliar items, setting the $$ tone,

  • Sitting & Posture whilst Dining

  • Different Dining Styles

  • Place Setting Overview

  • Holding Silverware and Glassware

  • Napkin Etiquette

  • Soup & Bread Etiquette

  • Tea & Coffee Etiquette

  • How to Eat Tricky Foods

  • Restaurant vs. In Home Dining

  • The 3 b's of toasting

  • Discussing Business

  • Handling the bill and gratuities

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